MiProbE® Technology

Field Deployment: California
Field Deployment: California

Real-time Microbial Sensor

The Microbial Happiness Meter™

The MiProbE® Microbial Sensor is a newly developed proprietary microbial sensor probe technology. The sensor probe is combined with a Microbial Signal Processor™ and cloud-based analytics platform to monitor in real-time the microbial biofilm response to process changes in single and multi-stage aerobic or anaerobic bioreactor processes.

The technology also works in situations where biofilm sensor fouling prevents reliable ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) or DO (Dissolved Oxygen) sensor readings, and can work alone or in conjunction with these other sensors for process optimization. The MiProbE itself requires no regular maintenance or cleaning -- the biofilm is the active surface for the sensor probe. ** The technology is currently being used for process monitoring and control in large-scale wastewater treatment, industrial-scale fish farming,and remote environmental subsurface monitoring applications. Preliminary algae process monitoring testing is being conducted in conjunction with Arizona State University. Contact us for inquiries about becoming a product development partner in your industry.

Microbial Response correlates strongly with Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) and can be used for real-time monitoring of substrate conditions and process stage changes.